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ReviveX® Durable Water Repellent

Spray-On Formula Restores Water Repellency

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  • If your favorite waterproof jacket or soft-shell has lost its water resistance, or your rain gear is no longer shedding rain, don’t throw it out! Spray on ReviveX® Durable Water Repellent to create or restore water, oil and stain repellency on all your favorite outerwear. 

    How does ReviveX do it? Your rainproof outerwear comes factory-treated with Durable Water Repellent (DWR). Over time, it wears off—so you feel wet and clammy, instead of warm and dry. After washing the dirt and oils away with ReviveX Pro Cleaner, the waterproofing will bond to the fabric, restoring factory level water repellency without impacting breathability.

    Just spray this water-based formula on wet or dry garments, dry, and enjoy waterproof pants, jackets and rain gear again.

    No matter what the weather does, you’ll stay drier—and stay outside longer—with ReviveX from Gear Aid®.


    Frequently Asked Questions -- FAQ

    • Spray on to protect jackets, soft-shells, fleece, gloves or pants
    • DWR with superior abrasion resistance
    • Repels water, oil and stains
    • PFOA & PFOS free
    • Safe for use on waterproof-breathable fabrics including GORE-TEX® fabric, eVent® and NeoShell®
    • Best when used with ReviveX Pro Cleaner or ReviveX Down Cleaner
    • Convenient to use: spray on a wet or dry garment, and tumble dry or air dry
    • Retreat entire garment or target high-wear areas mid-season
    • 10 oz. bottle treats up to 4 garments
    • 5 oz. bottle treats up to 2 garments
    • Made in USA
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      Must have for the PNW

      I live in the Pacific Northwest. It rains here. A lot. I have a 15 mile commute by bike to work one way and rely on ReviveX spray to keep my waterproof gear working. Never causes a loss of breathability. Its super water repellent. And it is really easy to apply. Definitely a worthwhile item to have around.

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      Works better than advertised

      These days everyone is trying to push a product to make a buck but this product under-promises and over-delivers which is the way it should be.

      This waterproofing spray can be activate into the material using heat from a hair dryer or your laundry dryer or allowed to dry for 48 hours so it's great for around the home but especially in the field where a dryer isn't available.

      I've used it on items of clothing that are not & never were designed to be waterproof like a USGI polartec microfleece watch cap and the water beads off after being treated with this product while it just soaks into an untreated cap.

      I use it on my truck seats and water beads up & rolls off & it makes a barrier so I can wipe dirt off with ease so a great product, hunters, military, preppers, airsoft, paintball, parents will love using this on their kids clothes keeping them dry at the bus stop or at recess.

      I recommend using the Revivex pro cleaner before the waterproof spray as it cleans the material to make way for the product to bond to the item you want waterproof.

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      Good product does the job

      Received my order of the Revivex Durable Waterproofing and a bottle of the Pro Cleaner promptly. Following the directions I washed my jacket using the Pro Cleaner in a washing machine at our local laundromat. Then when it was through spinning I took the damp jacket out and hung it on a clothes rack using a plastic hanger. Once again following the directions for the Durable Waterproofing I sprayed the jacket thoroughly, paying special attention to the shoulders, arms and back. I then dried the jacket in a clothes dryer set on low heat. It came out very nice and looks much like new. I did test the waterproofing by throwing a handfull of water over the jacket. The water beaded up and ran off. Then two days later we had some rain showers here in my town and I wore the jacket. It repelled the rain water as well as it did when the jacket was new. So I am quite happy with the results and would recommend these products. I found them easy to use and the directions clear and easy to understand. The products are both effedtive and do the job well. For the record my jacket is an L L Bean Warm Up Jacket which is now about 20 years old.

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      Video showing how effective all of the McNETT Tactical waterproofing products are

      Sure wish we had these products available while serving in the Army.

      Video showing proper use & how effective these products are.


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      Wow is all I can say, no need for a poncho with this waterproofing

      I like the way this performs so well that I'm going to make a video showing rip stop BDU material without the waterproofing then show the material with so I'll show how water soaks into the material without and beads and rolls off without.

      I have sprayed all of my gear with this from medic bag to duffle bag and even my plate carrier.

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