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Tenacious Tape™ Repair Patches

Repair Patches Without the Sticky Mess

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  • Tenacious Tape™ Repair Patches by Gear Aid® repair rips, holes and gashes in almost all of your outdoor gear. It stays put no matter what Mother Nature dishes out and leaves no sticky mess. The repair patches come in black nylon and clear for nearly-invisible repairs. Try that with duct tape.

    Toss Tenacious Tape Patches in your outdoor gear kit for a little extra peace of mind. Repairs camping gear, sleeping bags and pads, tents, clothing, vinyl rafts, down jackets—whatever needs a quick patch, so you can stay outside.

    If you’re serious about your gear, step up to Tenacious Tape Repair Patches—and you’ll never go back to that gooey, sticky, silver stuff.


    Frequently Asked Questions -- FAQ

    • Long lasting repair patches for outdoor gear
    • High-strength adhesive sticks to almost any surface
    • Leaves no sticky, ugly residue when removed
    • Provides fast, in-field repairs
    • Includes 2 black nylon round repair patches (3 in / 7.6 cm) and 2 clear round repair patches (3 in / 7.6 cm)
    • Instantly repairs most outdoor gear including, tents, tarps, mosquito netting, outerwear, backpacks, sleeping bags, seat cushions, soft coolers and boat covers
    • Acts as abrasion resistance on high wear areas
    • Nearly invisible repairs
    • Lightweight and compact
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      Product ok, packaging not!

      My first impression is based on packaging and I was disappointed because one of two patches was damaged. Hidden behind the front patch, I discovered one of the patches was partially peeled from its backing and the adhesive was damaged. I was able to cut away the damaged half of the patch and use the portion that remained which was large enough to patch a hole in my nylon goose down jacket. The patch has been in place for two weeks now and is holding up so far. My hope is the patch will stand up to time! If this works, it was a relatively simple repair process. Clean, peel, repair!

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      Works Great for repair

      I purchased these originally for emergency patching of waders should the need arise, but fortunately haven't had to use them for this purpose. I have used the round patches to repair a torn suitcase, spa cover, nylon pants and recently with a little aquaseal, a blow up pillow. All seem to hold up very well and the pants have survived at least one washing without coming loose. I always take them when I travel.

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      Sleeping Pad Repair Failure

      Used the Tenacious tape on a sleeping pad repair for a Big Agnes 2.5 inch pad. There was a small hole near the outer edge toward the inflation tube. Cleaned it, patch it, then was checking it with soap and water mix, saw bubbles at the edges, but worst of all the edges peeled back. This continued and the patch literally fell off like it was simply a piece of cloth. Would not take something into the wild that a little soap and water can remove.

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