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Elastic Shock Cord

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  • Gear Aid® brings you 80'' of Elastic Shock Cord for all repair kits. Use it to tighten tarps/hammocks, replace cord in tent poles or jackets, or even fasten gear to packs. A versatile tool that every outdoor enthusiast should have, Elastic Shock Cord can get you out of many unexpected situations and is one of many no sew replacement parts from Gear Aid.

    • 80'' x 1/8'' elastic shock cord replacement
    • Ideal shock cord replacement for tent poles or jackets
    • Rigid construction allows for an easy feed through sewn fabrics
    • Use with Gear Aid Tent & Tarp Line Locks for knot free guy lines
    • Manufactured from high-quality materials
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      Perfect thickness to go through my blackhawk speed clips, very strong

      I used some of the cord to run my hose from my mil-spec antidote bladder so it is out of the way of my .45 mag holders on the side of my plate carrier so the hose isn't locked down and now has less chance of damage but the cord allowed me to run the hose right where I wanted it so I can flip the bite valve in my mouth when I need a drink.

      I made a loop and tied it through a section of molle webbing and I made it a little larger so it holds the bite valve in place and I've used it on quite a few other pieces of gear, a handy item to have in your bag.

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