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Blakely™ Rescue Knife

The Essential Rescue Knife for All Underwater Activities

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  • Water sports enthusiasts and scuba divers should always have a good rescue knife that’s easy to carry and ready for use. Like the Blakely™ Rescue Knife by M Essentials™.

    The sheepsfoot design offers greater control while minimizing the chances of being pierced by the point, which is essential for anyone spending time on the water. The flat, serrated cutting blade is ideal for cutting or slicing your way out of danger.

    Featuring full-tang construction, a 3-inch blade, 420-stainless steel and a KYDEX™ sheath, the Blakely Rescue Knife offers the control you need to cut yourself out of any sticky situation.   

    • High quality rescue knife
    • Serrated blade quickly cuts through danger
    • Sheepsfoot design prevents accidental piercings
    • Made of corrosion-resistant 420 stainless steel
    • Ultra-tough KYDEX® sheath features a quick-release design
    • Completely disassembles for easy cleaning
    • Heavy-duty full-tang construction
    • 3-inch blade
    • Leg or vest mountable
    • Includes lanyard attachment point
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      Decent knife but won't stay on you.

      Decent knife, good grip, good size for water-sports.
      Serrated blade cuts rope and webbing easily.
      Tip is dull enough to cut close to a victim's skin but sharp enough to punch through a raft in an emergency.
      The handle has a metal tip witch is great for opening a beer (important feature for any knife!).
      The big downside is that the retaining system in the sheath is terrible. I had it on my PFD, handle pointing down and it fell out twice. I was lucky to get it back both times. I do not use it on rivers anymore as I would surely loose it.
      A small jerk (like jumping down from a rock you were standing on) is enough to make the knife fall out of it's sheath.
      Too bad, I like the knife but the aforementioned problem makes it unusable for whitewater.
      Patrick, river guide, Québec, Canada

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