Camo Form and Barrel Harmonics


I recently came across a discussion on Facebook debating whether or not Camo Form can affect barrel harmonics and shooting accuracy. A few years back, we had a Deputy Sheriff and SWAT Team Sniper with the Green County Sheriff's Department in Wisconsin do some testing for us.

The preliminary test was conducted shooting out from 100 yards to a target using a Remington 700 Sniper Rifle (free-floating barrel) and Hornady 168 grain ATAP ammunition. A total of 12 rounds were shot. The rounds were not shot all at one time. Instead, they were shot in groups of 4 and then a minute or so break and then another 4 shots with a break, etc. until finished.

We specifically wanted to know: How does Camo Form affect a free floated barrel of a rifle when it is wrapped since the constricting of the barrel can cause accuracy issues? With that said, our tester got to work. The following are his findings:

The first photo is of my cold bore shot along with an immediate follow up shot. I was shooting at a 1" by 1" square. I was slightly off on center of the square but this is not because of your product. It is more than likely a minute twitch on my end causing the deflection of the round.

The second photo shows the head shots we train with. It shows the 90-degree profile and a 3/4 visible head shot with hostage. In these photos you can see direct hits in the cranial vault. The 3/4 view shows 4 rounds and not 2 rounds because my partner mistook my target for his and fired his 2 rounds in as well. My rounds are the two in the middle close together.

The third photo shows a full visible head and a 1/2 visible head with hostage. The rounds were deflected off slightly again because of me twitching causing the bullet to deflect down range.

The fourth photo is showing a 1/4 head view with hostage. Again there was a bullet deflection, but it appears to have been by my own accord.

All these shots were taken at 100 yds. According to our tester, "I do not see anything at this point that shows that your product has effected the harmonics of a free floating barrel at 100 yds."

We plan on doing some testing at 400 yards out next. Stay tuned!

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