Staying warm and Dry in Cold, Winter Steelhead Water


If you are planning to stand in frigid water for hours, if the weather forecast calls for rain, chances are you're going winter steelhead fishing. Think back, did your waders leak the last time you were on the river? Have the seams dried out in storage? Does your raingear soak through after a 15-minute downpour?

Take some time to go over your gear the night before the trip. First, lay out your hat and jacket, then spray them down with ReviveX® Durable Waterproofing from Gear Aid.

Now inspect the waders. Aquaseal on the seams goes a long way to keeping water out. Put a Gear Aid wader repair kit in your steelhead vest. Just in case a leak develops on the water. It happens, even with new waders.

If rain is in the forecast you might treat your glasses (prescription lenses or polarized) with Op Drops™.

On cold days I also like to carry handwarmers, especially when I'm bringing along a newcomer to the sport.

And a hot drink can really lift the spirits. I like to bring a Hydroflask filled with hot water for tea or coffee and another filled with hot, steaming soup.

Now you're better prepared for cold and rain and whatever else a winter day on the river can throw at you. 

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