• Z-Mask™ Contoured Eye Mask Black
  • Z-Mask™ Contoured Eye Mask
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Z-Mask™ Contoured Eye Mask

Patented Sleep Mask for Better Sleep Day or Night

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  • When sleep is hard to come by, you can’t perform at your best. With the Z-Mask™ contoured eye mask by McNett® Tactical, you can fall asleep fast and get the deep, REM sleep that leads to improved health, faster reaction time and a better day for everyone. Z-Mask’s patented, form-fitting design will effectively block light—without pressing on your eyes. This sleep mask is so lightweight and comfortable that you’ll forget it’s there—until you wake up rested and ready for whatever the day has in store.

    Day or night, get the better sleep you deserve with the Z-Mask™Contoured Eye Mask by McNett® Tactical.

    • Patented Eye Mask Allows for R.E.M. Sleep
    • Better Sleep Anytime
    • Comfortable, Form-Fitting Foam Design
    • Compact and Lightweight Sleep Mask
    • One Size Fits All
    • Quick Release, Adjustable Band
    • ID Marking Area
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      Just awesome!

      I go through so many masks that I should buy stock in them until my husband got me this one which is the softest & strongest mask I've ever owned, I've used the heck out of it and 8 months later it's still like new & the best sleep I've had, thank you for making this mask available.

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